Teaching and learning

My current teaching is focused on introductory microbiology and microbial ecology. (I’ve taught introductory biology and botany courses as well.) BIOL 2070 is sometimes taught by other instructors.

In Winter 2021, I’ll be on study leave (kind of like a mini-sabbatical), so I won’t be teaching that term.

Microscopes on a lab bench.

Intro Microbiology

BIOL 2070 and BIOL 2071 provide an exploration of the invisible world of bacteria, archaea, fungi, microscopic protists, viruses and prions.

BIOL 2071 is the lab version of the course.

Prerequisites: 2 first year BIOL courses /BIOL-1111 & BIOL-1101).

Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash

Diagram of oil spill in water, showing oil plume and highlighting diverse microbes associated with spill.

Microbial Ecology

BIOL 4008 (12) focuses on microbes in the environment, relationships between microbes and larger organisms, and microbial activities in processes such as bioremediation. There are integrated skill development aspects (e.g., skills often used in graduate/professional study and future careers).

Prerequisites: BIOL-2101 & BIOL-2070 or 2071).

Image by Dominika Boron.

Paving stone engraved with words: invent, explore.

UG research projects: Biology Education

I supervise some undergraduate research projects (Outstanding Scholars, Biology Honours Thesis) on biology/microbiology education topics.

Some cool teaching-related/focused organizations and conferences:

oCUBE (Open Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators)

ASMCUE (American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators)

WCSE (The Western Conference on Science Education)