Getting ready to try Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangout logoTomorrow will be the first Microbiology Educator Google+ Hangout. I’m a little nervous about using a new technology (especially given that I recently made a silly mistake with a technology I’ve used a lot over the past few years!!!), but am also keen to see if this works better than other online collaboration/conferencing systems, like BlackBoard Collaborate. (The maximum of 10 participants is one limitation that I can see with the G+ Hangouts – not an issue right now, though.)

To prepare, I’ve been trying to verify the email addresses of the folks who participated in the Doodle poll – I’ll need the email addresses to send invites. For anyone who’s interested, I’d be happy to do a “mini-hangout” later today or tomorrow morning, so we can test the system.

If you haven’t used Hangouts before, please visit: to download the necessary plugin.

Here’s a post that seems to be a nice step-by-step of how to set up a Google+ Hangout:

If anyone has suggestions or tips, please feel free to share them (here, or via Twitter or email) …!

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