Resources for 1st Pandemic Book Club meeting (May 4)

Our first Pandemic Book Club is coming up very soon! As it might be challenging to get a physical copy of the Costa book (at least, in Canada), and to allow a discussion about the book and tips therein, I’ve set up a Google Doc for sharing some reading notes, which might help facilitate discussion: Supplementary materials for Pandemic Book Club: Costa book

I haven’t added much yet, but hope to make some more notes over the next couple of days. If you ARE reading the book, and want to contribute to the document, just request edit access (at top of the page)!

Also …

Section One of the book (includes Tips 1-9) is available online as a sample chapter from the publisher website.

Karen Costa’s videos for selected tips:

Before the meeting, I’m also encouraging people to think about (and maybe write down) your key goals for making/using online videos. See you Monday!

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